IMG_20141115_174316Today I’m continuing the fanciful trip through the market with another fruit that looks like it’s straight outta the Jungle of Nool. It’s 火龙果 huo3long2guo3, literally ‘fire dragon fruit,’ but usually just called “dragon fruit” in English. (Personally, I think fire dragon fruit sounds cooler.)

The fruit is usually about the size of a grapefruit. The inside is normally white with tiny black seeds distributed throughout the fruit. The texture and juiciness reminds me most of kiwi, though it is not nearly as tart as kiwi.

Here’s a tutorial on how to choose a good dragon fruit, and prepare it.


As if dragon fruit were not psychadelic enough, it also comes in a hot pink interior version. red dragon fruit forums gardenweb com images

And check out the crazy way this thing grows – drippy, droopy cactus trees. Nice. Dragon Fruit Fruit_02 emeraldgoddessgardens com

Dragon fruit is very easy to prepare, and it’s delicious, making it one of our favorite fruits to serve when guests come over. Especially if that guest is Horton.

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