In the winter, we don’t get a whole lot of seriously sunny days around here. Most days are either overcast or outright rainy, so when the sun breaks through, the people rejoice.

And by rejoice, I mean, they drag out all manner of things to hang outside to sun.

And by all manner of things, I mean ALL manner of things.

There’s obvious stuff like extra laundry…

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..or bedding. Duvets, comforters, and blankets won’t fit inside Chinese washers, so they’re hung in the sun to be freshened up. Just be sure to get out there early, or all the good shrubs will be taken.

china laundry sheet chinadaily com cn b8ac6f27b00014ed16a542



And then you’ll have to resort to using the exercise equipment.

IMG_20141115_165130 IMG_20141115_165213

This xiaoqu set up a special area just for shaiing so the foliage and exercise equipment would remain bedding-free.


“Temporary Sunning Area”

Looks like it works pretty well, especially since there’s a fountain in the middle to drape stuff on.


The sunshine also causes folks to bring out other more interesting things, like qingcai.


Or this…stuff. I’m pretty sure it’s haw, on its way to turning into candied haw (similar to fruit leather). Right there on the volleyball court. Next to the rice.


Or this…stuff. No good guess on this one.


Award for the most creative use of clothespins goes to these slabs of Chinese bacon.


Or maybe it’s just Lady Gaga’s laundry?

As you can see, there’s lots and lots of things that benefit from a nice, clear, sunny day.

There’s only one thing you will NOT find out soaking up the rays. And that is people. They hide from the sun.




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