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What a Buddhist Nun, A Skeleton, and a Muslim Mom Taught Me About Death

One of the classes I took in university towards my minor in Religious Studies was Buddhism. My instructor was a Buddhist nun from Singapore, and I can clearly remember her standing in front of the class with her shaved head… Continue Reading →

Happy Empty Tomb-Sweeping Day!

Today is 清明节 Qing Ming Jie (Tomb-Sweeping Day), a day when families go out to gravesites to remember and worship their deceased ancestors. There aren’t really cemeteries in our little rural area; each family buries their dead in their own… Continue Reading →

How to make melted wax Easter eggs with no hiccups

Way back in 2011, someone sent me an issue of Family Fun magazine that included this idea for coloring Easter eggs. The basic idea is that you color the eggs with crayons while the eggs are still hot so that… Continue Reading →

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