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8 Foods You Never Knew You Could Make from Scratch in China

When we first moved to China oodles of years ago, it felt like all my cooking skills evaporated. Or rather, that everything I had learned to cook so far in my life was no longer applicable in the new culinary… Continue Reading →

Yunnan Mint Butter Beef

We moved to Kunming nearly two years ago. It’s high time I started adding some Yunnan recipes to my repertoire. So, here’s dish #1. My creation is loosely based on an iron-plank beef dish my family loves here in Kunming. It’s… Continue Reading →

One Pumpkin, Four Ways

Our friends gifted us with this gorgeous gourd about a month ago. Wow. It was so pretty that I couldn’t bring myself to slaughter it right away. I just wanted to enjoy looking at it for a while before we… Continue Reading →

A week at our table – Day 1

So, what do we eat here in China? We get asked this all the time by people here, who assume we eat nothing but this, all night, all day. If I had to eat these “Western” dishes every day, it… Continue Reading →

A week at our table – Day 7

Day 7 – Saturday Breakfast   Time for a weekend treat. These are  “Sticky Pecan Caramel Rolls” from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, which is my favorite book/method for making bread overseas. But of course, you guessed it!… Continue Reading →

A week at our table – Day 6

Day 6 – Friday Breakfast At the supermarket last night, I bought date mash bread, which tastes pretty close to banana bread. We tried this at Walmart in the provincial capital a couple of times, but the bread always had… Continue Reading →

A week at our table – Day 5

Day 5 – Thursday Breakfast Yes, that is Honey Bunches of Oats. Really, truly, verily. We bought it in the provincial capital for way too much, and were saving it for a special occasion. Or a terribly ordinary morning when… Continue Reading →

A week at our table – Day 4

Day 4 – Wednesday Breakfast I thought today’s breakfast would finish off the Wonder Bread, but we still have a few slices. Drat. Today we toasted it, fried some eggs and sliced up an apple. Not great, but it’s better… Continue Reading →

A week at our table – Day 3

Day 3 – Tuesday Breakfast I made a bacon and leek quiche, a honey-lime berry melange topped with almond creme, and a grapefruit spritzer to drink. No, no I didn’t. We had faux Wonder Bread and jelly. Not even any fruit… Continue Reading →

A week at our table – Day 2

Day 2 – Monday Breakfast Leftover pancakes. I sometimes dread pulling out leftovers, but not leftovers like this. I can just pop them in the oven to heat up, and it feels like convenience food. There was no more whipped… Continue Reading →

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