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Meet Pippin! (And Her Unexpected Guests)

Ever since we moved into this apartment complex about a year ago, our whole family has been sad about the stray dog situation. It seems like every month or two, a new homeless dog appears in the neighborhood. Most start… Continue Reading →

Sorry, Americans. No fruit mooncakes for you.

Our first Mid-Autumn Festival in China was very memorable for a number of reasons, including a nice big #Chinafail. I was mostly having a blast learning about what would quickly become my favorite Chinese holiday. We learned about Chang-E, the… Continue Reading →

Illiteracy strikes again

“Mom, this salt is green.” Evan was helping me make dinner, and had just opened a new bag of salt. He was making a weird face as he peered inside. “And it smells like fish.” I grabbed the bag, wondering… Continue Reading →

Americans drive on the left and other truths I’ve learned

Years ago, I was having a conversation with my Malaysian friend, and we started talking about how Malaysia has a lot of British influence. “We drive on the right like they do,” my friend explained. “Wait, what?” I thought I… Continue Reading →

My true whale self doesn’t drink red wine

I want to drink red wine. I see it all over my newsfeed. A glass of it in the hands of laughing friends, relaxing together. Being sipped as swanky folks prep their grass-fed, wild-caught, do-I-even-need-to-say-organic dinner. It gets paired with… Continue Reading →

12 times Taobao made my eyes bleed

You can get anything you want on Taobao (exceptin’ Alice). But just because you can get it doesn’t mean it should have ever come into existence in the first place. Here are 12 things I wish I had never seen.

Waiter, there’s a tooth in my soup

There have been, on occasion, bags of soup bones for sale in the butcher area of our supermarket here in rural China. I love using bones for soup – bones make the broth. So, on a fateful day not that… Continue Reading →

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