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6 Chinese Words I Learned from Songs

Learning the lyrics to Chinese songs is a really fun way to learn new words and phrases in Chinese. It’s a great window into culture, too, to hear the poetic way sentiments are expressed in songs. From the time I… Continue Reading →

I was a China dancing granny…and LIVED

“You gonna dance?” I’m relaxing on a bench at the volleyball court in our apartment complex. My kids are skateboarding around with other children and the sky is nearly dark. I should have known this was a dangerous place to… Continue Reading →

“Little Apple” by The Chopsticks Brothers – it’s time to jump on the bandwagon

Two months ago, “Little Apple” by The Chopsticks Brothers (小平果 – 筷子兄弟) won the International Song Award at the AMAs. It had already spread like huo huo huo huo all over China, and it was ready to take over the world…. Continue Reading →

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