I took the plunge and am now half-way through my novel for National Novel Writing Month!

So far, I am on track to finish by the November 30th deadline, and am feeling good about my story. I expect somewhere in the next week, I may hit the wall and decide this was the worst decision and the worst story idea ever, but for now, I’m enjoying the writing.

The protagonist of my story this year is a fictional TCK. And it just so happens that a huge part of why I finally signed up for NaNo this year was because I was inspired by some real-life TCKs who made the commitment to write their very own novels this month.

Around 50 students at my kids’ school are doing NaNoWriMo through the Young Writers Program, and I’ve been helping out in their classrooms and in an afterschool program. It’s amazing to see the idea these kids have! Kudos to their teachers and the school librarian for giving these students the opportunity to write a novel, and major kudos to the kids for working so hard on their stories. Seeing their enthusiasm and knowing that my own two kids would be participating made me want to join the fun. (Fun for now. Ask me again at 11 p.m. November 30th.)

I don’t think any of these students’ stories focus on the lives of kids living in other countries, but they can still be categorized as TCK novels since they’re written by TCKs, right? So, that means there are a whole lot of TCK novels being worked on right now, right here in our city.

I’m sure there are even more TCKs around the world who are writing stories this month, and probably a ton of other expats, too.

To everyone participating, 加油!50K or bust!

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