All moms struggle with mom guilt, but I think living overseas adds an extra layer of struggle. We get all the normal worries plus fun bonus ones like tropical diseases and second languages. We beat ourselves up for all the ways we feel like we’re failing our kids and families.

Can you relate? If so, I have a fun game for you!

Ready to play? If you have felt bad about any 5 in a row — up/down, across, or diagonal — you get “BINGO!”

Let’s play! (Click to enlarge the bingo card.)

Overseas Mom Guilt Bingo

How long did it take you to win??

Hang in there, Mama! Even if you feel like you are doing things wrong, can I tell you something? You are doing a great job. You’re not alone, and your kids are going to turn out just fine. Now go have some of that care package chocolate. I won’t tell the kids.

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