1st birthday 2923327640_09cbff7249_zI was just doing a little clean-up work behind the scenes, and realized that it’s been a year since I started posting regularly on this blog. One year and 13 days, to be exact, so I’m nearly two weeks late in celebrating.

But celebrating, I am!

I really don’t know what I expected from the first year of blogging. Honestly, I was rolling my eyes at myself for even starting a blog. At the time, it seemed like blogs all had perky names like “Mud Pies and Butterflies”* and shared Free! Adorable! Easy! printables for making personalized marzipan unicorns for each student in your child’s classroom. Super not me, super not my life.**

Thankfully, I have found that there’s so much more in the blogosphere. You care about what I care about. Some of us live very similar lives.

There are the expats, living in lots of different countries who can relate to what I bring in my precious luggage space, trying to be bi-cultural without accidentally going too far over, knowing that “driving on the left” means two different things, getting overly excited in your home country, and moving too many times to count.

There are my China expat buddies who understand the challenges of hair, laundry, baking, light bulbs, nighttime noises, and so much more.

(Apparently, there are a lot of you who are Americans living in China, because this post has gotten over 12,000 views. Whoa. I doubt any of my posts will ever get that kind of sharing action again, but it was a cool ride, friends.)

There are those of you who have not lived overseas, but are curious and caring, and love to hear the stories from this side of the globe about holidays, food, and more.

No matter where you live, or what you’ve experienced, I’m thankful to have connected with you. Thank you for reading!

As I look back over this first year, I’m humbled and grateful for everyone who has cheered me on with comments, post shares, links, invitations to contribute, and more. You guys rock! (And if you’ve subscribed, you rock even more!)

*Okay, I tried making up several different fake, cutsie blog names, and they ALL EXIST. Mud Pies & Butterflies, Curlers & Camo, Tutus & Tonka Trucks, Diapers & Dinosaurs. Umm…great minds think alike? Anyway, I will just give up and leave a real one in the post.

**I love you, mommy bloggers. I just don’t do marzipan or unicorns. I live in China. We have red bean paste and dragons. I hope you can love me back.

Photo: Flickr/Benson Kua

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