an Americanish life in backwater China


What in the Middle Kingdom? Meat pellets

  Do not be fooled. Despite the shiny foil wrappers and cutesy hearts on the package, these are not candy. They’re 肉粒, “meat pellets.” Wow, that really doesn’t sound appetizing. Let me try for a better translation: How about “meat granules”?… Continue Reading →

What in the Middle Kingdom? Electric mosquito racquet

This little beauty is a great addition to your bug-killing arsenal. Shaped like a tennis racquet, it uses an electrical current to fry whatever flying insect comes in contact with its wires. There is a loud crackling/popping sound when the… Continue Reading →

What in the Middle Kingdom? Tofu marshmallows

If you haven’t yet visited the tofu section of your market or supermarket, you are in for a real treat. Tofu here in China is not just white blocks of tastelessness sloshing around in sealed containers like it is in… Continue Reading →

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