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Mooncakes by Mail

A couple of years ago, I was happy and proud that we made our own mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival. From scratch. By hand. 100% homemade. Like Martha Stewart, but in Asia and without felony charges. They were pretty tasty and… Continue Reading →

Yes, You Really Can Make Mooncakes at Home

I’ve always been curious to try making our own mooncakes, and this was the year the stars aligned for me to try it. Mooncakes seem like the type of thing you can only buy from a bakery or store, but–happy… Continue Reading →

Sorry, Americans. No fruit mooncakes for you.

Our first Mid-Autumn Festival in China was very memorable for a number of reasons, including a nice big #Chinafail. I was mostly having a blast learning about what would quickly become my favorite Chinese holiday. We learned about Chang-E, the… Continue Reading →

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