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I was honored to be asked to take part in a survey from Learn Mandarin Now that polled China bloggers on the best resources they used in learning Mandarin Chinese. Take a look at the great infographic they put together with the poll results, and be sure to read the accompanying article for more ideas on how to get Mandarin in your noggin.

(In case you’re wondering, you can see my answers in the article on their website! I’m near the end since it’s alphabetized by blog title.)

Here’s what Learn Mandarin Now says about their infographic:


Learning Mandarin Chinese has seen a huge upswing in popularity over the last few years—but have you worked out the best way for you to begin to study the language? Well, to help you find some direction, through our blog, http://www.learnmandarinnow.com, we recently made contact with 50+ top bloggers and asked them about their preferred resources they use to learn Chinese. Many made similar recommendations so we decided to create an attractive, colourful Infographic for ease of presentation—and now feel it’s the time to share this with you all!

Firstly, though, we wish to thank Emily for her own recommendations and for letting us share the Infographic with you in her blog: Small Town Laowai, a blog all about her experiences and daily life living in China. You can also check out other useful ideas and tips from Emily in her blog, as well as getting some informative advice and suggestions from our article: http://www.learnmandarinnow.com/how-to-learn-chinese/

If you are serious about learning Chinese, reading our Infographic is a great way to start!

Enjoy the infographic and the article, and I’d love to hear what resources you found helpful in your Mandarin learning journey!

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