you’re Chinese and living in a rural area, or even a smaller city, you might have very few chances to ever talk to a foreigner. Sure, you’ve seen them on movies and on TV, so you’re pretty sure you have a firm grasp on how things work in their country. Still, it would be nice to have the chance to ask your burning questions in person. Too bad your English can’t get you much beyond “How do you do I’m fine sank you and you?”

And then one day, a foreigner sits down next to you on the bus. Miracle of all miracles, she actually speaks Mandarin! Now’s your chance! Ask her your questions!

I’m the one on the other side of that conversation, trying my best to answer the many questions I get about the U.S. that range from geography to education to foreign policy. I’m sharing more thoughts on that today at Taking Route.

Read the full post here:  Sorry, Stephen Colbert, but I am America.

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