May is National Foster Care Month in the U.S.!

I know several expat families here in China who have considered adoption, but have gotten stuck because it seems too difficult, or too costly, while living overseas. If you are considering adoption and are a U.S. citizen, please consider adopting from U.S. foster care. Over 100,000 kids are waiting to be adopted, and adopting from foster care is FREE in many cases.

For more information, take a look at these websites.

Adopt US Kids

Nicely done website with loads of information on adopting from foster care, including a 2-hour movie called “The Road to Adoption.” It also includes a photolisting of children waiting to be adopted.

Adopt Abroad

An agency specializing in helping expatriates adopt, including adopting from U.S. foster care.

Adopting While Abroad

Information and articles about expat families adopting.

Intercountry Adoption

U.S. Department of State website specifically for American citizens wishing to adopt abroad.

Foster Care Month

Information on foster care, and ways to get involved to help foster care kids, even if you only have a few minutes of time.

Some of the information is more geared towards those wishing to do an international adoption (adopting from a country other than their passport country), but many of the steps are the same, such as getting a homestudy done.

Do you have experience with adopting while living in China? Tell us!

Please note that I am not vouching for any of these websites’ services or information. I’m just a fan of fost-adopt!