You might remember that a few months back, I wrote about how to get your cleaver sharpened in China. (If you haven’t read it yet, pop on over. It was a very popular post.)

Sadly, our audio storage device met an untimely death, so I couldn’t post the Song of the Knivenswain. Many of you expressed in comments, on WeChat, or on Facebook how tragic that was. I agree.

But guess what? I have a super awesome friend who went and recorded a video of her xiaoqu’s knivenswain! Here he is, playing the recorded song on his bullhorn. He looks pretty amused that someone is filming him, right?


Thank you SO MUCH, Rosemary! You are our hero for getting this song for all of us. Mwah! (And knife guy? You can now tell your friends that you’re Internet famous. ;))

And thanks to Lao Cai’s comments on the original post, we have the lyrics to this wonderful song: “Mo jianzi lai, qiang cai dao!”

I’m curious if this is the same all over China? Charles said his knivenswain jingles blades (presumably) and Tiffany said hers doesn’t have a song. What does your friendly neighborhood knife sharpener do?

While I’m here, just a quick reminder that today is the last day to enter my book bundle giveaway on my author website. Go get yo’self a chance to win! I’ll meet you back here in a few days for my very exciting book announcement. Stay tuned…


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