Day 5 – Thursday


IMG_20140925_074407Yes, that is Honey Bunches of Oats.

Really, truly, verily.

We bought it in the provincial capital for way too much, and were saving it for a special occasion. Or a terribly ordinary morning when it sounded good. That was today.

We will probably only be able to eat cereal once every month or two. It’s just too hard to get, and too expensive to make it a regular thing, not to mention its nutritional challenges.


We keep a container in the fridge for the daily bits of leftover steamed rice, and when that container is full, it’s time for fried rice! Fried rice is also a fantastic way to use up leftover bits of meat and veggies you’ve got in the fridge. Just chop ’em up and throw ’em in.

IMG_20140925_121151Today’s fried rice included carrots and green pepper. (Nope, no eggs or meat.)

We also had a dish of shanghai qing (baby bok choy) because we love our greens.


This was a little experiment. Could I make something like fish tacos, but with chicken instead of fish, and handmade flour tortillas instead of corn, and no white sauce?

Here we go with the substitutions and improvisation again.

IMG_20140925_185858 IMG_20140925_185902 IMG_20140925_185945

I  doubt this substituted-to-death version will ever make it onto the Rubio’s menu, but it was a hit here.

Since we stuffed ourselves silly with the empanadas a couple nights ago, and basically ignored the corn, we had plenty of leftover corn as a side dish. It kinda got ignored again. Poor corn.

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