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What in the Middle Kingdom? Dr. Seuss fruit #1 – rambutan

If Dr. Seuss had been a horticulturist instead of an author, I’m pretty sure he’d come up with a few of the fruits and vegetables that we have here in the Middle Kingdom. Let’s take a look at these strange… Continue Reading →

7 more awesome recipe hacks using jiaozi and wonton wrappers (饺子皮,混沌皮)

My original post on using jiaozi wrappers to make life easier got an enthusiastic response, including creative ideas from you, friends. There’s so many great ways to use these wonder circles of dough. It seemed like a good idea to… Continue Reading →

Apples & oranges

You can’t compare apples and oranges. Or oranges and bananas.   So close. So very close. At least it’s still the names fruit, and not swear words. (It’s been known to happen.) 12 times Taobao made my eyes bleed Insulting… Continue Reading →

Taquito daydreams

Every once in a while, I get a food daydream. Not a food craving, but a daydream, where just for a split-second, I am suddenly imagining myself eating something I could never get here in rural China. Today’s dream was… Continue Reading →

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